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Every so often within a generation, the intersection of passion and talent yields a product that transcends time and defines an era and style all its own. Born of the rich musical culture inherent in the landscape of Louisiana, Freddy Rio, emerges as a consummate artist whose dynamic blend of powerful vocals and sultry crooning made him a prominent performer in Baton Rouge’s open mic circuit in the early 2000s. With a soulful sound reminiscent of yesteryear’s soul icon Donny Hathaway, beautifully woven with the lyric tenor of R&B star Maxwell, Freddy Rio’s talent is as unique as it is familiar. And now, a published cover model at age 37, Freddy is in the best shape of his life and ready to take on all opportunities that this vast universe has to offer. Whether it's music, modeling, or even acting, he possesses the energy, drive, and confidence to do the work and make a MASSIVE impact.

Freddy’s first love, however, is and always will be MUSIC. His long awaited debut project will infuse his unique artistry, and true musicianship with substantive lyrical content to create what he describes as “new age soul” – reviving classic soul/R&B by injecting contemporary genres and melodic flair to create a style and sound all his own. Look for this new artist to embody the symbolic definition of his name “Rio” – PASSION – as Freddy Rio brings new life, new zest, new talent, and new age soul.  Stay connected and follow Freddy Rio, and look out for new music releases here and on social media platforms.


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