New Year's REVolution

Guess who's back online? Yup yup, it's Freddy... Ready for the 2-0-1-7!!! 2016 was a year of many highs and many lows. However, one thing I can say is that everything this past year threw at me prepared me for this very moment. Now, I'm not one who's big on making New Year's resolutions, but what I do know for sure is that my time is NOW. New year. New Instagram (@freddyrio). New website. New attitude. This is only the beginning of a new revolution for my life, for my personal brand, and for my dreams. 

Recently, I asked a friend how he was doing and his response was, "I'm living the dream." That really got me to thinking... AM I LIVING THE DREAM? I guess it varies depending on one's interpretation, but everyone's definition of "the dream" is specific to that individual. What matters most is whether or not I am happy with the trajectory of my life. And if I'm not, what am I doing EVERY DAY to work towards the dream? Last year, I worked and hustled my ass off to lay the groundwork for MY dream, and opportunities are already showing up. I feel that I'm now ready for whatever comes my way. So... Stick with your boy, it's gonna be a very interesting ride! The DREAM is NOW!!!