NYC: A 10-Year Love Affair

It seems like only yesterday that I fell in love the moment I set foot in New York City on Monday, January 15, 2007. Somehow, 10 years ago, I mustered up the courage and the will to leave everything I knew in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA to begin a new adventurous journey. I had no idea the full extent of what I was signing up for... Hell, I left behind a brand new, gated, luxury apartment paying $750/mo for a pre-war, rat-infested one paying $950/mo!!! But I didn't care... What I did know for sure was more for me than what Louisiana had to offer me and that I was completely open and ready for the journey of figuring it all out. The hustle spirit was at its peak!

They say "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere..." And I put that to the test. I can honestly say now, I BELIEVE IT! Having experienced what feels like numerous different ages and lifetimes, this love affair has altered me to my core in ways I can't even fully comprehend or describe. However, what I can say is that living in the greatest city in the world has broadened and expanded me beyond what I ever thought possible living in the South. It opened me up to an entire new world and fired up my desire to see and experience more that lies beyond our domestic borders. It's been quite an exciting ride thus far. And as with any great love affair, there has been the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There are no regrets. And now, I can OFFICIALLY call myself a NEW YORKER.

Cheers to my greatest and most incredulous love affair to date. No matter what the future holds or where it may take me, my heart will always be here... The concrete jungle where dreams are made of... The city where I finally became ALIVE!

Eternal love,